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3rd XI


Heya, I’m Kate, your 3rd team captain for the 2020/2021 season.
The 3s are one of our competitive teams, playing in both BUCS on Wednesdays and our local Saturday league, WWHL.  The girls did fantastically in BUCS coming 2nd in the league, and although BUCS unfortunately won’t be starting until January this year, I’m confident we’ll be able to see the same success again.  Last year was a tough season for us in WWHL sadly leading to demotion. However, after another year of team bonding and with new players joining, as well as old girls returning from years out, we’re hoping to smash our Saturday games this year!
Alongside our matches, we also have two trainings and one fitness session a week.  Usually, we train on the same pitch as the 4s occasionally having combined team sessions.  Several times a term, we’ll also train alongside the 2s, helping to challenge our play and prepare for some of our more difficult fixtures.  Movement between teams is always fluid, dependent on where you feel most confident and which team your play will benefit most from.
However, the time spent together on the pitch is only a part of life in the 3s!  There are many club socials, team socials, and tours, which we get involved with to help build friendships among ourselves and the wider club. I’m now going into my 4th year and have been a member of the club from the get-go.  Looking back, I can’t imagine how different my uni experience would’ve been without UWLHC.  The girls you meet come to feel like a second family and no matter your past hockey experience, I couldn’t encourage getting stuck in with the club more!


-Kate Evans



Monday: 7.15pm - 9pm
Friday: 6pm - 7.50pm
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3rd team