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How is uwlhc coming back from covid?


A message from Lauryn, our President 

Hey Freshers!

As you must know by now the world is constantly changing due to the situation with coronavirus. As a result, you must have a lot of questions about what hockey at university might look like this year and I am here to hopefully clear up some of those questions.


Although we won’t be playing any BUCS games (the games we play on a Wednesday afternoons against other universities) in term 1 this year, this should still hopefully be going ahead in term 2 instead, so you will still get the experience of university hockey through joining our club this year. As well as this as it stands our Saturday league games will still be going ahead, meaning from the moment you join there will still be hockey to play, and training to attend as our WWHL games are still going ahead. Whether these games go ahead is in lie with guidance from England Hockey, so if you want to keep tabs on this yourself you can check out their guidelines for retiring too hockey. We are still planning to hold fitness sessions and trainings so we can play as much hockey as is possible at the time, depending on how things are changing and endeavour to keep you updated on this.


However, it is important to note that university hockey is not just about hockey itself, we still plan to have a variety of socials and activities going on no matter the circumstances, and even if they need to be virtual, so by joining us in September you can be assured you will get the university sporting experience regardless of the situation. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease and we can't wait to welcome you in September!


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SOcial hockey 2021!

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