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A message from Eve, our President 


Hey Freshers!

As you must know by now the world has been constantly changing due to the situation with coronavirus and for now the situation in the UK is looking much better, which is a good sign for the upcoming year. I am sure you will have a lot of questions about what hockey at university might look like this year, and I am here to hopefully clear up some of those questions.


Last year, unfortunately, we didn’t get to play any BUCS games (the games we play on Wednesday afternoons against other universities). However, this year they are definitely looking set to make a big return. Last year, we did get to play some games in our Saturday local leagues and these have also been confirmed to go ahead again this year! This means that, provided the coronavirus situation doesn’t significantly worsen, we are looking ahead at a very busy year of hockey for the club!


In terms of coronavirus restrictions, sport has often been exempt from certain restrictions, such as the 6-person-rule. Hockey itself is also at an advantage over some other sports in that it is both outside and classed as non-contact. Therefore, previously when restrictions were tightened, we were still allowed to train and play matches. Only in full lockdown were we banned from playing hockey at all. So if in the worst case scenario, some restrictions are introduced again, we would hope that hockey will be able to continue at least to some extent! 


Also, with the UK currently having no COVID restrictions currently, our socials are looking to return as normal! Circling, club nights, bar crawls and other large capacity events such as Hockey Ball with UWMHC, are all set to make their comeback this year. We are also planning to go ahead with our Dom Tour, which takes place in a “mystery location” in the UK at the end of Term 1. However, we are unsure of the possibility of Foreign Tour at the moment, but will look further into the possibility later in the year.


UWLHC also has Abi, our Club Captain and assigned Covid Officer, to ensure that all training sessions, matches and socials align with UK COVID guidance so that we all stay #covidsafe.


We can’t wait to meet you in September and come back with a bang after the last year of Covid!

How is uwlhc coming back from covid?


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SOcial hockey 2021!

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