March 14, 2017

This year has been unlike any other for our social hockey team. And I still feel that’s an understatement. So many girls turned out in our first few weeks to give it a go, and where in other years, many drifted away, this year saw so many stay that some trainings had over 24 girls present!

Talk about a shock for the coaches, who themselves made such an enormous impact on our team. Kiran and Hugh have been amazing at keeping us motivated, creating fun drills and relaxed sessions that have made our year so brilliant and increased our performance in matches as the year went on.

I can’t believe...

January 15, 2017

Sutton Coldield 2-0 Warwick 

So this was a new term, new team and so many new girls who had never even played a hockey match before. who knew how it was gonna go? We walked towards the opposition nervously, eyeing them up and thinking, ‘oh boy, they look good’. Everyone was a little nervous as we put our kit on and warmed up but the excitement was there....

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