December 13, 2018

Term 1 has seen the 4s get off to a hugely positive start. Trials and tasters at the start of term saw a huge amount of interest in joining the club. We continued to gain interest throughout the term, welcoming many later members. Our pride week taster in week 9 was also a huge success. We currently have 53 members in our facebook group, making us UWLHC’s biggest squad!

This season has been one of the most successful and promising starts for the 4th team. Our training sessions have become increasingly varied, as we have started to focus increasingly on match play and tactics. As the 4s cont...

April 3, 2018

The 4th team have had a much more successful term than last. We have gone from not managing to score a single goal to getting 5 brilliant goals this term and only losing our matches very narrowly, which is a great achievement for a team of relatively inexperienced players.

We started the season with Becky Lloyd and Jordan Holroyd joining the team who have become key players in our matches and are two of of our top goal scorers along with Maisy Spalding. These girls along with Eloise Byrne have become a really strong team of attackers and have meant we have so many more shots on goal than we...

December 30, 2017

Social hockey has had its biggest intake ever this year with over 30 girls turning up to our taster sessions at the beginning of term. Many of the girls had never played hockey before, but by the end of term they had grown in confidence and skill so much that they were able to fully partake in drills with the rest of the 4s, as well as the occasional training with the 3s, which is a fantastic achievement.

The 4th team compete in a friendly league and play 4 matches a term. Our first match against Stratford Ladies proved to be quite tough and we unfortunately lost 7-0. However, we were playi...

March 14, 2017

This year has been unlike any other for our social hockey team. And I still feel that’s an understatement. So many girls turned out in our first few weeks to give it a go, and where in other years, many drifted away, this year saw so many stay that some trainings had over 24 girls present!

Talk about a shock for the coaches, who themselves made such an enormous impact on our team. Kiran and Hugh have been amazing at keeping us motivated, creating fun drills and relaxed sessions that have made our year so brilliant and increased our performance in matches as the year went on.

I can’t believe...

January 15, 2017

Sutton Coldield 2-0 Warwick 

So this was a new term, new team and so many new girls who had never even played a hockey match before. who knew how it was gonna go? We walked towards the opposition nervously, eyeing them up and thinking, ‘oh boy, they look good’. Everyone was a little nervous as we put our kit on and warmed up but the excitement was there....

January 24, 2016

This was the first ever game the 4s had played together against another team. Everyone was just buzzing to get on the pitch. Much to our surprise, when the other team arrived, we realised we were playing against an army of 15 year olds who were discussing tactics and looked menacing. From the look on our horrified faces, a few decided to come over and give us some game advice and let us know they’d been playing for 10 years compared to our 3 months of playing hockey ever.

 “Shout loads, keep the spirits up and just have fun girls” was the motto being shouted out by our captain. So, that’s e...

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