July 27, 2016

Wednesday Week 9 saw the return of the UWHC annual Charity Hockey Tournament and it did not disappoint. 23 teams were transported to the tropical paradise of Rio de Janiero for our Olympic themed competition- otherwise known as Westwood pitches. Colourful costumes, face paint and questionable headwear were donned all in the name of charity. Teams comprised of members of the hockey club, American football, cricket, Men’s rugby, netball, cheerleading, triathlon and mixed hockey; all eager to get their hands on the coveted honour of being named champion (and a bottle of win).

As the BBQ sizzle...

April 23, 2016

This morning 11 brave, determined girls from UWLHC laced up their trainers and took to the streets of Stratford to take part in the half marathon. They have managed to raise an astonishing £2,259 so far for our amazing charities - CRY and OSMH. Between them 143 miles (234km) of ground has been covered this morning.


January 24, 2016

This was the first ever game the 4s had played together against another team. Everyone was just buzzing to get on the pitch. Much to our surprise, when the other team arrived, we realised we were playing against an army of 15 year olds who were discussing tactics and looked menacing. From the look on our horrified faces, a few decided to come over and give us some game advice and let us know they’d been playing for 10 years compared to our 3 months of playing hockey ever.

 “Shout loads, keep the spirits up and just have fun girls” was the motto being shouted out by our captain. So, that’s e...

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