UWLHC 4s v Olton West Warwick Ladies 5s

This was the first ever game the 4s had played together against another team. Everyone was just buzzing to get on the pitch. Much to our surprise, when the other team arrived, we realised we were playing against an army of 15 year olds who were discussing tactics and looked menacing. From the look on our horrified faces, a few decided to come over and give us some game advice and let us know they’d been playing for 10 years compared to our 3 months of playing hockey ever.

“Shout loads, keep the spirits up and just have fun girls” was the motto being shouted out by our captain. So, that’s exactly what we did! The whistle blew and off we went. We defended as hard as we could, brilliant effort from Dani and Shannon blocking off goals and our amazing goalie Swathi did her absolute best. But let’s go back to the fact these girls played quality hockey meaning our brilliant defence could only do so much.

Umpire called half time and we were 2-0 down.

Second half was just as hard. Team morale still high (even though we were panting as hard as ever, wishing for the first time we had been to more Tuesday morning fitness sessions) we attempted to score four times as YJ (our saver from the 3’s) pushed hard, our opponents defence however was pretty strong. But that didn’t stop YJ from continuing to push through the barriers of 15 year olds standing in our way and scoring!

The game ended 6-1 to them but even the umpire was impressed at our game considering it was our first ever match (though he was a Warwick lad, probably attempting a weak chripse whilst being there but hey great first experience!) Man of the match we all decided was definitely YJ and Dani!

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