UWHC Charity Hockey Tournament 2016

Wednesday Week 9 saw the return of the UWHC annual Charity Hockey Tournament and it did not disappoint. 23 teams were transported to the tropical paradise of Rio de Janiero for our Olympic themed competition- otherwise known as Westwood pitches. Colourful costumes, face paint and questionable headwear were donned all in the name of charity. Teams comprised of members of the hockey club, American football, cricket, Men’s rugby, netball, cheerleading, triathlon and mixed hockey; all eager to get their hands on the coveted honour of being named champion (and a bottle of win).

As the BBQ sizzled the tournament heated up with Team Ability 3.0 taking on Stick Magnet in the final, the leavers came out trumps, taking home the main prize. Unfortunately with no straws at hand the win was to be consumed in a more civil manner later. In the plate final, Newbold 1 took on Team Caipirinha. Carly’s staunch defence was unable to keep defeat at bay and Caipirinha found themselves victorious.

The main prize of the day, the one that really mattered, Best Dressed, was a much fiercer competition. Strong contenders MBGA paraded their union jack hats, Simple Boulangeries stripped outfits impressed whilst Newbold 2 arrived looking like a scene out of This is England. Special mentions to cricket’s Freddie Larkins’ for his determination to play every match in his Tinkerbell fairy outfit. However the winners were to be George Street + ledges, whose Hawaiian shirts and flower garlands stood out from the crowd.

At the heart of the event, beyond the hockey, food and costumes was charity. This year the tournament raised money for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), Oundle School Mencap Holidays (OSMH) and Alzheimer’s Society. All worthy causes, close to the club’s heart. At the beginning of the tournament we heard speeches about the charities, the work that they do and what our money would be going to. In total we smashed the record for this event by raising £570, I cannot thank you everyone who got involved enough!

I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and look forward to next year’s tournament! Special thank you to Tim Nunan for taking these photos and many more from the afternoon, and to everyone who helped set up and organise the day.

Hockey love,


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