UWLHC 1s V Coventry 1s



This was the big one. The 1st XI warriors strode to The Place, the rival of our very own Fortress Westwood, to try and secure their dreams of 1A promotion. The chat was high in the changing rooms, but with a particular focus on tactics and aggression on the field thanks to Kali. Confidence was high following the 7-0 shoeing of Coventry 1s in the annual Varsity fixture a couple of weeks prior, but we never underestimated our opposition. With a hearty backslap and a double check that I had remembered the all important Haribo, we headed to the pitch.

Coventry tried their best to avoid facing us through not putting the pitch lights on despite a 8pm pushback, but thankfully the Warwick 1s had eaten their carrots and weren’t going to let a little bit of darkness prevent them from achieving their dreams. Warwick quickly dominated the game taking a 2-0 lead in the first half, goals coming from …….. Coventry had nothing on us.

The second half was a completely different story, with Coventry again pulling out off pitch tactics to try and slow us down. The sideline was lined with the opposition’s supporters, with large amounts of heckling ensuing. This lead to a very well drilled short corner routine on their behalf slipping past our defence, cruelly distracted by their garishly blue kit. The score now stood at 2-1.

This was too close for comfort for the Warwick 1s, who knew a win would secure that all important promotion, and so ….. Casually slotted the winning goal with 10 minutes to go. Despite outrage from the sideline, Warwick clenched the victory 3-1, alongside the free Champers kindly given to us by Warwick Sport in light of our achievement. Coventry walked back to the changing rooms with a faint ‘we are going down’ chant, all soon to be drowned out by Warwick’s cries of ‘we are going up.’ Congratulations once again to all the ladies involved - it was a truly magnificent evening and one for the club history books.

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