UWLHC 1s v NUHC 3s

Score- 3-2

With a promotion already secured, the Warwick 1s turned their attention to safeguarding their unbeaten track record. Our final game saw our toughest opponents Nottingham at their home ground, but we weren’t nervous as we had a 16 man squad….

ALAS, the Warwick 1s were plagued with injuries, including a cricked neck, with the squad being reduced to 11. We arrived to see a playing squad of 16 from Notts warming up alongside a big boozy sideline of support; safe to say we were nervous.

But our nerves were unfounded, with Warwick playing quite possibly the best hockey they have ever played, like ever. The first half saw beautiful periods of link-up play, 1-2s occurring up and down the pitch, and shoulder dropping tackles coming from Pingu and Jen. Stunning goals came from Kirsty and Kat, the ball gliding past the Notts defence as if they weren’t even there. The score stood at 2-0 to Warwick at half time.

Following a rallying halftime speech from VC Kirsty, the team was ready to head out to defend their lead. However, the lack of subs started to take its toll with Notts, somehow, scoring 2 to level the playing field. With the second goal going in, the Warwick Warriors saw red and hit Notts with wave after wave of attack. Aerials were thrown (soz had to get it in there) and the Nottingham keeper was dazzled by the skill of our forwards in the D. Despite this, Notts did well to hang on. With only 10 minutes left, VC Kirsty took matters into her own hands. Following a stellar pass from LB Raquel, Kirsty received the ball on the top of the D, closed her eyes and said a hail mary before striking the ball beautifully into the net. The Keeper didn’t know what happened, Notts didn’t know what happened, even Kirsty didn’t know what happened, but something did. Warwick ended the game 3-2 and undefeated in BUCS, making club history once again.

It was a wonderful way to conclude the 1s incredible campaign season, and to say goodbye to our lovely leavers. We will forever remember the contribution they made to UWLHC, and we can only hope and pray that they decide to do fun fourth/fifth years and stay on to play.

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