Week 8 saw the club combining forces with Warwick’s American Football Team, the Wolves, to collect donations for the Warwick and Leamington Foodbank.

Homelessness and poverty is a growing issue in the UK and we wanted to do our bit to help. The Wolves boys set up a stall on the piazza by Rootes Grocery Store in Wednesday through to Friday to help increase donations. I utilised my growing contacts with Warwick Volunteers (check out the post about our canal clean up) and increased marketing for the event at it was included in the Warwick Volunteers newsletter and the appeal for donations was sent out in an email to all staff. The Can Drive was also part of the Welfare and Campaign’s Sabbatical Office, Chloe Wynne’s ‘Are You Okay?’ Campaign with posters and reminders displayed around campus. The PR for the event, combined with a Facebook event had a wonderful effect.

Between the donations given to the Wolves, those dropped off at the Warwick Volunteers Project Room and the many items donated by the entire Ladies Hockey team at training, we managed to amass a huge collection, filled multiple IKEA carrier bags, with tinned vegetables, soups, custard, fruit, biscuits, soups, pasta, rice, juices and event some advent calendars (when we dropped the donations off, both calendars were given to a lovely family and since it was only the 2nd of December have hopefully been well enjoyed).

After a wide range of difficulties in communication and general mishaps (mostly due to me), such as dropping jam jars on the pavement and struggling to carry the heavy bags up four flights of stairs on the Art Centres Car Park (but thank you to the girls that did help me carry them) we managed to get the items off campus.

Multiple packets of custard creams and bourbons sat in my living room, tempting me as they waiting to be dropped off, so I hastily set about arranging a suitable time to drop them off before I ate them all. On Friday 2nd December, after a successful evening at the Hockey Club’s Christmas Meal, Emily, Charley and I along with members of the Wolves went with two cars filled with donations to the local Food Bank.

The Food Bank collection this year was incredible, with well over two hundred and fifty items. Let’s try to increase and beat with next year but for now I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported and helped provide emergency food for local people in crisis. Hopefully it has made an impact and helped people this Christmas.

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