CMD 2016

Week 9. Friday evening. The Copper Rooms. No not circle, this was something much more serious and terrifying.

Classical Modern Dance Society’s (CMD) annual dance competition raising money for Sport Relief had returned. Jazz shoes were polished, pirouettes practiced and everyone wanted to win the converted trophy and prize of being able to chant ‘We Won CMD’ at the end of every circle.

We practice hard, worked through our lunch breaks, got lost trying to find Westwood Music Centre and skipped enough lectures between the group to amass a monitoring point. But was it worth it? Had we done enough? The routine was good, the music mixed well (thank you Will!), and we ran the dress rehearsed twice.

Friday evening: with us all dress in kit and ready to go, the competition started. Netball opened with a strong start, surf followed with a humorous and entertaining performance about how girls, boys, the SU view Surf, featuring a huge bong and Tom Moon riding in on a surf board. The bar had been set.

Following Taekwondo, we were next. The lights dimmed and the cheers from the girls started. The ballet beginning, admittedly went wrong, unable to hear when the music started, timings got thrown out the window and Hannah and Charley ended up colliding. Nevertheless, we ploughed on, enthusiasm and joy brimming. The Beyonce section filled with sass and bum slapping well went, Charley’s lift went swimmingly and Victoria landed the flip to perfection.

It was over, we were done. All that was left was to enjoy the rest of the other club’s performances. Cricket once again pulled out all the stops with a decades themed dance, complete with Lion King section and a single ladies in full leotard and tights. Men’s hockey finished the show with a slick and polished dance, clearly practicing since week 2 paid off.

It was another fantastic year, congratulations to CMD on putting on well organized and entertaining evening. But more importantly, the results- in 2nd position- Surf. 1st place, for the second year running, and bragging rights for another year went to Men’s Cricket- congratulations boys and well done.

Check out the video below if you want to enjoy our routine all over again. Thank you to the girls who participated and put in the time to learn the choreography and to the people to came to support and vote for us. Next year the trophy is ours. Training starts now.

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