UWLHC 4th XI V Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldield 2-0 Warwick

So this was a new term, new team and so many new girls who had never even played a hockey match before. who knew how it was gonna go? We walked towards the opposition nervously, eyeing them up and thinking, ‘oh boy, they look good’. Everyone was a little nervous as we put our kit on and warmed up but the excitement was there.

We wanted to see how our training every week would help us in a real match situation and whether we would be able to work as a team to hold our own against the opposition. And it was fantastic. We played up and down both ends of the pitch and the girls were so strong. Even Bean, our club pres who was watching, said the score didn’t reflect the match because all the girls played so well.

We’d like to think the other team were just lucky because our girls were on fire. For players who had never even been in a match situation, everyone held their own so well and no one wanted to sub off!

Jess did a great job as our goalie too, making sure, with the help of the defenders, to keep that scoreline low. As Kiera said, if there was a prize for the team with the most cheer and energy, we’d have been holding that trophy high!

The girls were so enthusiastic and i think the “let’s go Warwick” didn’t stop until the whistle blew.

So though we may not have won, it was a great experience and hopefully, we’ll be back to beat them this term! I believe in us and I’m sure we can pull it off.

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