Run for Your Buns

On the 1st of March 2017, 16 members of UWLHC took to the street around campus to participate in our Run For Your Buns event in aid of our charity CoppaFeel!. The plan was to take on a short 3km around campus wearing our bras and underwear. We took the boob as well for maximise impact and started on our journey around uni.

I had said that it would be gently jog or brisk walk at a push, however someone let Molly Adkin and Charles head to the front and the pace was increased to a frankly ridiculously fast jog. Jeeezh Molly, save it for the Half Marathon (oh yeah, we’re back this running malarkey for the Shakespeare Half Marathon on the 7th May hopefully raising more funds for CoppaFeel!- look out for our fundraising page coming soon). With our pace makers going ham at the front, we ran around campus from the Sport Centre up to Sherbourne and the Lakeside Netball Courts. On our way there a kind man got out of his car, pulled over and donated £20 then and there (huge thank you). We were cheered on by the Mixed Netball girls at the netball courts and made our way over the hills and towards the Sport Pavilion. After a brief stop at the Cryfield pitches to see how the Lacrosse Men’s team were doing in their BUCS Cup game- and another £20 donation from some dog walkers- we headed back towards main campus and the piazza.

We passed Bluebell, Rootes and the Learning Grid, sprinted up the stairs in the piazza, past the Koan and on to the library. Outside the library all of the different campaign groups for the whooped and hollered. Down the set of stair by the humanities building and finally the Sport Centre was back in sight. The pace had been quick, the weather sunny and we found ourselves rather sweaty. Especially Taylor who courageously tackled the entire race with the boob in tow.

Huge huge thank you to the girl who came out and participated, to the those who donated along the way and to those who could not make the race but instead donated online. Our total for the

event came to an incredible £133.98! I thoroughly enjoyed and hope that you did to, perhaps lets try and get this to be an annual event?

Charities love,

Roxanne Wood

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