3rd XI Season Roundup 2016/17

This season has been fantastic for the 3’s, we began with a fairly tough start with only a few players having played together previously and a large squad that struggled to find their feet. Although the team comprised mostly of fresh, they have excelled throughout the year producing such great team spirit. In BUCS, at the start of the season we played teams that obviously should not have been in our league, dropping fatal points. However, we picked ourselves up after the 5th week (after Jus’ reverse flick) and worked hard to regain points, and finished 4th overall- a massive achievement!

At the moment, we are sitting 5th in the Saturday League table (one point off the team we just beat) so with one more game to play, we should finish slightly higher. Again, we played against very tough teams such as Birmingham Uni and lost by quite a lot at the start of the season, nevertheless, we returned to play them with a fighting attitude and played incredibly only losing by a third of what we lost in the first game! We have experienced outstanding play and sportsmanship by everyone…Mads outrunning everyone with her high knee action, Sarah sending powerful balls into the backboard, Freya stopping every single hit in the press and rinsing old women, Vicky using her speed and stamina to steal the ball all over the pitch and Taylor bottling her anger when old women shout abuse.

Finally, I’m relieved to say that we have finished the season without any trips to A&E! As many of you have probably heard, our team has bonded way above expectations, and I believe all the girls have enjoyed the season as much as I have.

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