4th XI season roundup 2016/17

This year has been unlike any other for our social hockey team. And I still feel that’s an understatement. So many girls turned out in our first few weeks to give it a go, and where in other years, many drifted away, this year saw so many stay that some trainings had over 24 girls present!

Talk about a shock for the coaches, who themselves made such an enormous impact on our team. Kiran and Hugh have been amazing at keeping us motivated, creating fun drills and relaxed sessions that have made our year so brilliant and increased our performance in matches as the year went on.

I can’t believe so many girls started at beginner level this year, because watching them in training now, they are flying! And I’m sure anyone can do it.

We’ve had our own nights out as a team, meals after training and laughed and ranted over the opposition until you’d have been mistaken for thinking we’d all known each other for years. Because hockey is a social sport and it’s so easy to pick up a stick and come give it a go. So I thoroughly recommend any curious lady to try it out next year, as I’m sure the squad will only continue to blossom with Dorothy as captain.

Who knows, you might have just changed the path of your entire uni experience, and only for the better. Xxx Katie

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