3rd XI Term 1 Round-Up

I have been extremely proud of what the 3s have achieved this term as a team, both on and off the pitch.

We were faced with a lot of changes from the very beginning: new coach, new pitch, and new division arrangement within the Warwickshire League. Yet this has not deterred us from being successful.

We started off by shoeing the poly and we didn’t think it could get any better.

How wrong we were.

Since then, we have risen to the top of the division in the Warwickshire league, with some spectacular results, including an 8-0 win against Sutton Coldfield and 5-0 against both Long Buckby and Rugby and East Warwickshire.

Three of our members (Meg Bailey, Suzanna Ellard and Taylor Lees) feature in the top scorers table of the division.

With regards to BUCS, we have had a solid term. As previously mentioned, we have smashed the poly on two occasions, a feeling which you cannot beat if you attend Warwick University.

We have contended against some very strong sides including Birmingham and Oxford Brookes and it was heartening to see that the team put in maximum effort, right to the final whistle. We also proceed to the next round of the Midlands Plate, beating Staffordshire University 1s 3-0. The 3s have not got this far in the Plate in 3 years and we look forward to facing Leicester University in February.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the 3s have done so well this term is due to our strong friendships within the team. We’ve had various team breakfasts and pizza nights and saw a fantastic turnout from every team member at our Christmas meal towards the end of term.

Although our team is predominantly made up of second and third years, we have had a few freshers join and integrate well. Sky’s calm and effective work in defence, Phoebe’s essential half time advice, Dani’s amazing running down the wing and Lucy’s reliable ball distribution have really helped us step up our game this season.

Not to go unmentioned is our match manager Alice Gil who has certainly been instrumental in the team. She has consistently provided support on the sidelines, has given invaluable advice each half time.

It is great to see how much communication there is between me, Kasim and Alice in our group chat so that each training session we can immediately work on our faults from the previous match.

Admittedly we have been faced with some challenges. Not having a fixed goalie has been difficult but it has been fantastic to see how many people have stepped up to give it a shot. Anyone watching Anna, Gen, Gayatri and Shaz would have thought that they’d been playing goalie for years!

It has also been testing switching between waterbase to sandbase for our matches. Nevertheless, the team has performed extremely well on both pitches and it has been useful in ensuring our hockey is more controlled.

I’ve loved watching the 3s improve and develop as a team this term I cannot wait to see what 2018 holds for the team.

(Perhaps a boombox…?)

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