NEW Welfare Round-Up

Here is a very exciting (first ever!) round up from our out-going Welfare Secretary. Mads has gone above and beyond to make this brand new role a true success.

As a new role this year we’ve had the opportunity to mould the Welfare role into whatever shape the club deemed constructive and useful and well…what a year we have had!

We got the year off to a fabulous start continuing our excellent family system and raking up an amazing number of older girl and fresher pairings in the sister system with our massive fresher intake.

Another element to the role was the introduction of speakers coming to Warwick.

We had Katrina Ingram from our charity MIND come and give a workshop to the ladies' and men’s club on knowing the facts and stats of mental health and the importance of spotting signs.

Likewise, we had 2 more speakers, Faye White and Tanaka Mhishi, come to talk us and other clubs about breaking the taboos of rape and sexual assault, specifically focusing on abuse at university and knowing you are not alone.

This tied in well with the SU Welfare Campaign allowing some members of the club to work with the SU and the amazing team at RAW to film an awareness campaign video outlining the importance of consent and continuing to talk about sexual assault and help break taboos.

The role provides a friendly and approachable face in the club for all members to come to for advice or even just a chit chat!

This year has been a wonderful start for the role and we look forward to supporting other campaigns around uni next year and continue to expand our knowledge of important topics through the help of speakers!

Our in-coming Welfare Sec is Rupam Jagota (congrats!) and we can't wait to see what she's got in store for us.



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