4th XI Term 2 Round-Up

The 4th team have had a much more successful term than last. We have gone from not managing to score a single goal to getting 5 brilliant goals this term and only losing our matches very narrowly, which is a great achievement for a team of relatively inexperienced players.

We started the season with Becky Lloyd and Jordan Holroyd joining the team who have become key players in our matches and are two of of our top goal scorers along with Maisy Spalding. These girls along with Eloise Byrne have become a really strong team of attackers and have meant we have so many more shots on goal than we used to.

Our defence has also improved greatly with Eleanor, Katie and Krista putting up a strong wall at the back meaning that we only let in 15 goals as opposed to over 30 last term. Sophie, Ols, Vicky and Gayatri from the 1s, 2s and 3s have all been a great help to the team by stepping in to play in goal for us and have kindly given up their Sundays to sport too. They have all proved to be naturals in goal and made many excellent saves for us.

Eloise Byrne - Most Improved Player

Katie Levey - Player of the Season

One of our highlights this term was a very close game against Nuneaton Ladies 4th XI who we lost 8-0 to last term. Our team put up a much stronger fight this time round and for once our forwards had the ball more than our defence! Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to secure our first win and the final score was a close 2-1 loss. But this dramatic change from an 8-0 loss really demonstrates our massive improvement as a team and is something we are so proud of.

Social Hockey has expanded so much this year that we have been able to put out a full team for every match and we have enough keen players to have additional Sunday sessions to squeeze in some more game play. As well as our squad of girls who play in the matches, we also still have plenty of girls who come to trainings for fun but don’t play matches.

Despite being new to the sport I am confident that lots of these players are ready to play more competitively next year and am looking forward to an ever expanding 4th team and social hockey squad.

Next year I have full confidence that we will win our first match, and considering our dramatic rate of improvement as demonstrated in our match scores this term, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we won the league!


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