Kingy's President Round-Up 17/18

It has been an incredible year for UWLHC.

Whether it be the competitive hockey side, the social side or the charity side, every aspect of the club has thrived this year and it has been a true pleasure to observe the hard work of every member as they have contributed to our success.

It goes without saying that on the pitch we have performed exceptionally this year making this one of the most successful seasons across the club in recent history.

The 1st team dominated in their BUCS league (winning the Conference Cup!) but with 2 other promotions from our 2nd XI and 3rd XI in their WWHL divisions and some highly impressive improvement from our 4th XI, our competitive success has exceeded expectation and is a true representation of the hard work of all 4 captains, our coaches and obviously our highly committed and dedicated members.

A similar success has been visible in the social and charity aspect of the club, something achievable due to our incredible fresher intake with half our club’s membership being made up of those vital keen freshers. This intake has resulted in some of club’s biggest socials in history and the opportunity to socialise with other clubs across campus, something we believe has contributed to the friendly campus atmosphere that Warwick champions.

It has also meant some amazing charity work from the whole club with us raising an impressive £1617 so far through the likes of a competitive family charity challenge, our traditional charity circle, a charity quiz and talent show with UWMHC and more, for our brilliant charities MIND and Coventry Cyrenians.

The success of UWLHC this year has made my time as president so very fulfilling and it is safe to say I handover the role as one very proud individual.

I would like to pay my thanks on behalf of UWLHC to all who have supported us this year including our amazing sponsors, J.P Morgan and Birtellis and all at Warwick Sport and SU, and pay a personal thanks to all of our members who have given their all to make this year a remarkable one for UWLHC.

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