Welcome Back!


After a long summer, our girls are rested and ready for another busy busy season and academic year. With 3 weeks of preseason (#teamwarwickpreseason) for our 1s as a new performance squad, and 2 weeks of preseason for the rest of our teams, UWLHC players have been put through their paces to get us fit and prepared for the hockey ahead of us!

Having said farewell to a number of amazing players who graduated back in July, our teams have seen a reshuffle, and our 1s headed off to Amsterdam for the weekend to partake in a preseason tour. Whilst there, they both watched and played some impressive Dutch hockey teams, and only had a handful of cycling collisions... A massive thank you to 1s captain, Mari, and her family, who not only organised the tour, but hosted our girls whilst they were there.

Alongside plenty of training and fitness sessions, the UWLHC have played a total of 11 games during a preseason already, with promising play before the arrival of all the new freshers. The first Welcome Week at Warwick has been a great success for Sport, with our exec meeting and chatting to over a hundred girls at Sports Fair and running a session with around 30 freshers on Sports Day. It has been such a pleasure to meet such lovely girls and to talk to the people who will one day be running our wonderful club! 3 of our exec members also had the opportunity to go on the radio with RAW Sport and chat about our club, hockey, and how freshers can get involved.

Term 1 is set to be incredibly busy (as per), with more teams in our Saturday leagues meaning more matches and more chances to play. Given the impressive size of our social team, the 4s, last year, we will also be looking to progress more competitively there in their friendly division, to give even more girls the opportunity to play. We’ve also got plenty of socials lined up, including bar crawls with other clubs and, of course, circle and pop every single week. Disco Dave, we’ve missed ya.

We are also welcoming a new sponsor, Varsity, to the club, alongside our other sponsors from last year, Birtelli’s and Kasbah. Varsity are a friendly pub on campus that offer great food, and provide our teams with match teas after their home games every Saturday. Aaanndd, once again, if you’re looking for pizza in Leam don’t forget to use the code ‘UWLHC’ when ordering from Birtelli’s to get 10% off your order!!

With Trials and Tasters coming up we can’t wait to meet all the new freshers and welcome them to our club - it’s gonna be a great year!

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