2nd XI Term 1 Round-Up

The 2s have had a promising start overall this year, after securing promotion in our WWHL Saturday League last season.

First of all, let's talk Saturday league. After a somewhat one-sided season last year (did you say almost undefeated?), this one has started much more competitively, with a mixed set of results from very balanced fixtures. Now that our league has 12 teams rather than the 10 we had last year, we have more fixtures. This definitely led to a slow start for us since 2 of these happened before our fab freshers even arrived, causing no end of selection issues. It also means that everyone has to be on standby to play inconvenient Easter holiday fixtures if snow inevitably wreaks havoc next term (although meteorologist Hannah has said we will be fine). Halfway through the season we've now got used to playing together and we go into the Christmas break in a comfortable 8th place. And we are certainly aiming to continue as we left off and finish even higher come Easter (stay tuned). I'm currently looking to Charlotte's round up from last year for inspiration and am pleased to report that it only took us until week 2 to score from a short corner (thanks Vicky) compared with week 9 last year.

BUCs as usual has been more of a challenge. This year it has been very competitive, with some unexpected results from weaker teams, meaning that we are currently at the bottom of the table despite some strong games and results like our win against Coventry and hard-fought draw against Nottingham. But we are a resilient team and will fight to move up the table in our coming matches after the break. This has also been the season where we have had the misfortune of playing (and losing to) Brookes 3 times, one of them being a forgettable cup game. Luckily, now that Lauryn and Chong have found our key weakness and noticed the undeniable link between singing "Thank u, next" before losing matches, we are certainly headed for an undefeated second half of the season.

Like last year, the 2s have enjoyed a huge

fresher intake, with 8 freshers regularly playing and training with us. We are all extremely close and integrated as a team and despite some outrageous team social ideas (which hopefully won't be going ahead) we have managed to spend lots of time together with tonnes of commitment both on and off the field (no more team flake here). I hope that next term we will continue to grow the close relationships that we have built.

In other news, our notorious 9pm Monday training has moved to an even more controversial 9.30pm. Like last season we are benefitting hugely from regular (and dare I say close) games against the 1s and the 3s. We are also lucky to be training with Kali, whose high-level coaching sessions help us to constantly develop both individually and as a team.

So…. Thank you so so much to everyone for all the commitment they have shown so far. It is thanks to you that we are having such a fun and successful season, which I'm sure will continue after the break!



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