3rd XI Term 1 Round-Up

The 3s have had a great first term with successes both on and off the pitch.

Though our highest win is the 4-0 achievement against Staffordshire, our most impressive game to date was definitely against Harper Adams in which we came back from a 1-0 loss to win the game 3-2. As a result of our promotion on Saturday, in which we somehow ended up moving 2 leagues, we are encountering a number of very strong teams and so are currently in 10th; this we hope to improve as the season continues.

In an exciting turn of events the 3s are through to the first round of the cup after we impressively beat Lincoln 3-0. Meg, a firm favourite for golden stick this year, scored 2 very impressive goals in the cup game whilst Suzie successfully controlled the middle and so was easily awarded WOTM. Joining her in the mid we have Gen, Mads, Phoebe (who is finally free from injury!!!) and Kate. Defence has also proved to be very strong with Sky (our resident VC), Briony, Emma, Jess (when not assisting in the front), Lottie, Rupam, and Anna (‘players player’ for the 3rd year???) all playing in our matches this term. Shoutout to the netballers Maisy and Becky who stepped in at the start of the season #buildingbridges.

It’s not just the older girls who have been adding value this year as we have been extremely lucky in the 3s to have had a really high fresher intake. Due to their impact, I think it’s important that they’re all introduced individually (no don’t worry this is not the xmas speech version). Alice, a girl who has saved us quite literally on many occasions is calm under any pressure and able to instruct our back 4s with her keen knowledge of the game. Sheryl, our postgrad, is a rock in defence, providing stability on the pitch. Kayleigh is incredibly dedicated to the team; most notably she is always at 7:30am fitness, an achievement many 2s and 3s would tell you is not an easy task (especially post Kasbah). Claudia is a solid addition in defence working alongside our older girls to ensure the ball is decisively moved out of danger. Ellie is another key member of the line-up alongside Sophie, our only second year fresher and newest addition to the wing. Charlotte is clearly the fastest player on pitch, tirelessly running with her unwavering ability to reach any ball whilst Ume, the fresher who has been floored the most, has proved to be formidable in midfield… so much so that the team is happy to pitch in and buy her a few more pints of Guinness. Joy has offered outstanding levels of fitness, putting many of us to shame whilst Izzy has proved to be a valuable member of the squad.

Finally, I must mention two very important men in the 3’s lives. Firstly Victor, our new coach this year. His advice and dedication to the team has been really key to our achievements and so, on behalf of the whole team, we just want to thank him for his work so far. Secondly Slav, the man in charge of our fitness sessions on a Tuesday morning. Though, at the time, many of us aren’t exactly pleased with doing burpees before the sun comes up, his positivity has been wonderful and given us all ‘fresh eyes’ on how good fitness can be.

Looking towards term 2, I’m certain the standard of hockey will only improve and that our successes will continue.



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