4th XI Term 1 Round-Up

Term 1 has seen the 4s get off to a hugely positive start. Trials and tasters at the start of term saw a huge amount of interest in joining the club. We continued to gain interest throughout the term, welcoming many later members. Our pride week taster in week 9 was also a huge success. We currently have 53 members in our facebook group, making us UWLHC’s biggest squad!

This season has been one of the most successful and promising starts for the 4th team. Our training sessions have become increasingly varied, as we have started to focus increasingly on match play and tactics. As the 4s continues to cater for a range of abilities, which can be seen in our split into the 4As (who tend to play more matches) and 4Bs (beginners), having two coaches this year has meant that we can do drills that challenge all. James Clarke has worked with the beginners from tasters, which has allowed them to develop into great players in training, with some going on to play their first matches this term. Jack Smart has worked with the 4As since the outset, working on skills such as flicks, V Drags and Deflections, which will hopefully continue to be used matches next term.

We have managed to form a strong team for matches, with many girls being so keen to play matches that we often have too many! The girls that do play, tend to play most matches, which has allowed us to build a strong team dynamic with good communication. Our first match this season was against Nuneaton Ladies 4th and although we suffered a 4-0 nil loss it was a very well-played matched and some of the best match play I’ve seen. Our second match was against Hampton-in-Arden was our first home match and saw a marked improvement with a 2-0 loss, our best result of the term. Woman of the match was Jordan, who is a very strong centre mid. We then went on to suffer heavy losses to Bourneville and Coventry & NW Ladies 3s, who both proved to be very strong teams, with a special thanks to our lovely Tour sec Vicky Wynne for her amazing goalkeeping. The girls continued to play very well, with an increasing number of shots on goal thanks to our forwards: Bethan, Eloise, Katie H and Katie L. Paloma, AJ, Jordan, Fay and Sofia have some great runs, whilst we have developed a strong defensive line up of Dorothy, Krista, Alice, Lydia, Rhea and Vaishakhi.

Socially, we continue to bond, as our annual pizza party thanks to Birtellis was a great way for the older girls to get to know the new freshers and it was certainly a challenge accommodating 30 girls in my small university living room! In term 2 I hope that we will continue to get to know each other even better with more team socials and continue to improve our hockey. The 4s have come such a long way since I joined in my first year and I’m confident that on term 2 we will score some goals and definitely win a match! Thanks for a fab first term ladies, it’s been so lovely to watch you all improve and see so many new girls join the club and try out a new sport at university!

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