This year’s Varsity match pushed back at 11:30 on Sunday the 24th of Feb, the early start perhaps an attempt by Coventry to lessen the amount of supporters witnessing their 29th loss. The sun shined, teasing the possibility of an early summer, Warwick 1s warmed up to the boombox (despite the recent injury of our DJ Sec) and Varsity-bundle facepaint decorated supporters and players alike. Warwick’s supporters were out in force with just as much cardboard, outnumbering Coventry’s fans despite us playing on their shoddy home pitch.

The first half produced no real threat from Coventry. Warwick comfortably had possession and were unpressured by Coventry’s slow attack. The defensive line mocked Coventry by transferring the ball round the back between our brick wall Ella and Eva, with our wing backs Georgie Clee dominating left, right, and centre, and Becky rinsing their right forward every time with her renowned dummy. Beautiful build up play from our midfield which no doubt involved a one-handed run from Emma Hampton, enabled goal-hungry Chloe Christie to slot one home, scoring her first goal of the season. 1-0 to Warwick 1s at half time.

Mari’s aggy half-time team talk stirred the team to start the second half with hunger, wanting more.

We were dominating the match but admittingly not playing to our full potential. Perhaps the tropical conditions Westwood Heath provided us with were to blame. #noskins. In the second half the chants emanating from Coventry’s supporters (notably with an average age of 35) had increased in volume in an attempt to intimidate Warwick, which to an extent had worked. Unfortunately, Coventry achieved the unachievable by having their first shot at Mari in goal since her time at university. This gave Coventry players a false glimpse of hope towards an equaliser. But our level of fitness was superior (it pays off being a performance sport team), our very own Usain Bolt hybrid elective Sports Officer, Charlotte Lloyd, ran rings around the Coventry defence. It was not long before Hannah French secured us a 2-0 lead, again scoring her first goal of the season #squaddepth.

Varsity was an unforgettable experience that will stay with us for a long time (it quite literally did, as the grotesque blue and pink face paint remained on my unwashed shirt for a month after the game). Warwick played well and this was followed up by the men’s play in the afternoon.

Goals: Chloe Christie and Hannah French

WOTM: Becky Hall


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