3rd XI Round Up | Term 2

The 3s have had a really exciting season, improving both in our Saturday League and our BUCS. These last 10 weeks, in addition to our first season, have led to the success of our team both on and off the pitch.

Our greatest game this year was undoubtedly the 2-2 draw against Nottingham Trent. Though this doesn’t look like a big achievement, especially since we had much better results against other teams, Notts Trent were dominating our BUCS league and so a draw against them (on their own pitch!!) was a fantastic result. Overall, we came third in BUCS, a great result given the standard of play from other teams. Special mention to our game against Staffordshire in which we impressively won 4-0 with goals from Meg, Suzie, Charlotte and Phoebe. WOTM was received by Sky in that game who has been an excellent VC for the entire team.

As for our Saturday league, we came 9th which is an improvement on our first season. As I said in my last post, the shift in leagues last year meant that our team was somehow promoted 2 leagues and so it’s great that our girls were able to effectively play, and on many occasions win, against very skilled teams. Notably our 4:2 win against Hampton-in Arden proved to be a wonderful addition to Claudia’s birthday. Rupam was awarded WOTM however the voting was tight with all our defenders playing a very good game. A mid-season injury from Meg meant that a reshuffle was important and luckily Kayleigh was there to keep the pressure on the opposition’s D. Ume, Ellie and Sophie stepped up on occasion to fill in for different positions, showing they can consistently play well across the pitch. Alice has been solid throughout the entire year and we owe many of our wins to her and her unique ability to save even the most unreachable goals.

As I said before, the fresher intake this year for the 3s (and the wider club) has been brilliant and it’s lovely to see so many girls continuing to play this season. Sheryl, who I sometimes forget is training to save lives and so is not always available, still finds the time to play wonderfully in defence. Alongside Emma and Brian, who have both been consistently strong, there is Anna who runs the wing at remarkable pace (I did pray for the goal!!). In the mid we have Suzie, Phoebe, Ume and Kate who monopolise the ball, passing effectively to one and other. Shout out to Victor who coached us for the majority of the season. His dedication every week resulted in us playing much more effectively together; hopefully the squeeze will be used someday.

As it’s the end of season we were able to give out awards to two of our players. Rupam received ‘Most Improved’ and this undoubtedly couldn’t have gone to a better person. Starting in the 4s, she has worked her way up over the years now proving to be one of our strongest players, acting as ‘a wall’ in our backline. Claudia easily received ‘Player of the Season’ with her ability to be consistently dependent at all times on the pitch. She has been an asset to the team from the beginning. It’s also fitting that they would both receive the award as together they have worked harmoniously to move the ball around the pitch (thank god for the transfer).

I just want to thank all the team for their dedication this year. Especially to the third years who are leaving. Anna, Meg, Suzie, Brian, Lottie, Jess, Gen and Emma, some of whom I have played in a team with for nearly 3 years. It’s honestly so sad to see you leave but I’m sure everyone would want to thank you for the effort, time and humour (@lottie’s consistent sarcasm) you have put into the 3s this year. I’m sure there will always be a place for you in the team when you undoubtedly come and visit. I look forward to seeing the progression of the team next season as I know it’s in very safe hands under the expertise of Phoebe.


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