Charity Round-Up | Term 2

We kicked the new year off, with the Charity Talent Show returning in 2019 at Altoria with all the freshers from UWLHC and UWMHC getting involved to show us their many talents. While the competition was tense, in the end the Men’s 4s came out on top with a hilarious dance routine! This night raised a phenomenal £126 for Alzheimer’s Research, one of our chosen charities of the year and showed that our freshers are certainly not only talented on the hockey pitch!

UWLHC also continued the February Family Challengewhich started for the first-time last year! We had 9 hockey families who did loads of different challenges and activities throughout the year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research. From Valentine’s Day Bake Sales, 24 hour fasts and silences to face-paint being sold at Varsity, all of UWLHC worked so hard to contribute to our charity efforts this year. Overall, we raised a wonderful £845 and had such a fun time doing so!

This year we also worked with Warwick Volunteers on some of their one-off volunteering days! Most notably, we worked with the Trussell Trust Foodbank in Coventry and sorted food donations by their date and which types of food were handed in, so they could be given to the people that need them most! These one-off volunteering days are a great way to get involved with the local community and a massive thank you to Warwick Volunteersfor organising!

For our local chosen charity CRASAC, we also hosted a bake sale during one of their workshops and raised a fantastic £44.50 which will go such a long way in helping them continue all the great work they do in supporting women affected and raising awareness about rape and sexual abuse.

Week 9 saw the return of the infamous charity circleand with certain UWLHC ladies raising the stakes, charity circle was certainly a success! With Lauryn and Clifford getting matching UWLHC tattoos for £100, Chelsea dying her hair blue for hockey ball and Mari wearing her goalie kit for 14 hours during rounders and fitness, charity circle this year certainly did not disappoint with a massive £360.28 being raised for CRASAC.

Despite the end of the term coming to a close, UWLHC were not ready to stop their charity endeavours just yet! With a shared raffle with UWMHC during Hockey Ball, we managed to raise a wonderful £135.78 for CRASAC. Some of the prizes up for grabs included champagne, luxury chocolates and of course a UWHC raffle would not be the same without some VKs being raffled off!

The term came to a close with the Shakespeare Half Marathon on the 28th April which saw 10 lovely ladies from UWLHC taking part to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research! A massive thank you and congratulations to Liv, Rhiannon, Ellie, Izzy, Charlotte, Rose, Chong, Ella, Lara and Chelsea for their wonderful efforts with everyone completing the marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. The girls worked so hard and raised a fantastic £3671.32 for Alzheimer’s Research which will go such a long way towards the research that they do!

Overall, our running total of money raised this year currently sits at a phenomenal £5,615.98!!!

If you would like to learn more about the charities we have supported this year, please take a look at their websites: Alzheimer's Research UK:


A massive thank you to everyone who has donated, fundraised and helped support our wonderful charities this year! You are all amazing!!!

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