2nd XI Round Up | Term 1

It’s been a fantastic first term for the twos!! Every year the 2s have a big fresh intake and this year has been no different, with 12 new members from fresh and the 3s we’ve made ourselves incredibly proud with our performances in the last 10 weeks. After a very strong trials at the start of term we have continued to improve throughout the term to finish at christmas placed highest out of all the teams in our BUCS league!

After getting promoted in saturday league last season we’ve had some very challenging matches but despite this the girls have put in an excellent effort every week without fail. Fantastic work from everyone despite not being used to playing together and everyone stepping in to different positions when needed we’ve managed four wins and three draws with some absolutely stunning hockey leaving us very excited for next term. After training hard and bonding over gravy dinners I’m happy to announce we’re actually starting to figure out how to score goals! With a massive 5-2 win against Long Buckby 1s and a 4-1 against Sutton Colfield 4s our lovely forwards have been incredible staying calm in the D to put away some absolutely beautiful goals, seems like a whole gang of fresh forwards was exactly what we needed! Big plans for next term on and off the pitch, can’t wait to get back to see everyone x

So far this term we are absolutely smashing our wednesday BUCS matches with 2 wins out of 5 we are sitting comfortably joint third in the league!! A fantastic position to be in at this point in the season and it’s always nice to celebrate a wednesday win at pop. It’s always nice to see the benefits of training with our strength improving all the way up the pitch and with the help of some great coaching and match managing from members of the members we are showing huge potential moving forward. If only we could play Nottingham Trent a few more times!! There have been some really tough matches and I’d like to take this opportunity to say thankyou to our wonderful defenders (full time and part time), especially freshers Tash and Eve, fantastic work girls, thankyou for stepping in - Alice doesn’t need the stress of me “helping out” in defence…... Thankyou to everyone that has stepped out of their preferred positions when needed the work rate has been amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better team spirit or committment. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the standard of singing from the freshers and I don’t feel the need to mention the BUCS cup but anyway……

After a nice rest over christmas lets get our chins up and our shin pads on ready to carry on smashing it in the new year!! We’ve finished this term in a very strong position mid-table in both our leagues, now we just need to bring the momentum of the end of last term into the new year and we will have some excellent results. Happy new year everyone see you soon x

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