3rd XI Round-Up | Term 1

The 3s didn’t have the most confident start to the season, with only 5 of the original players from last year left it was going to be an uphill battle. As the term began the freshers appeared, 15 in total, each of them bringing a different set of skills to the pitch and we were very thankful to have gained not one but 2 goalkeepers! By the end of week 3 we had scored 7 goals in both Saturday league and BUCS bringing our grand total to 14 in just 3 weeks, (the highest in the club)!! This included a 5-1 win over Staffordshire University and 2-0 win over Barfford Tigers. We also had our first team social Master chef which was a great success and I hope will become a tradition for our team.

Unfortunately we also took on many injuries this term including torn ligaments, cracked bones, multiple sprains and strains which resulted in very few players being available for our matches so sadly we had to concede on a couple of occasions. Half way through the term things weren’t going too well however with more and more people coming to training, fitness and available to play in matches we started to close the difference in the scores of our losses having some very close games towards the end of the season.

Although we aren’t looking great in the league rankings, the 3s are starting to become closer as a family. We had a lovely team brunch in Canopy before one of our Saturday games and we hope to do this more next term to encourage more side line supporters too who are injured to be included. More of us were beginning to have a social presence in the club with turn out to circle increasing weekly and many of our freshers are thinking about running for exec positions, good luck to you all!!

Even though match results haven’t been great this term, what has been amazing is having loads of new friends and a team that wants to be sociable, spend time with each other and that enjoys hockey! This is a theme that I wish to continue for our team next term along with a few more match wins. I wish Kayleigh and Smita the best of luck next term and I am sure they will do a brilliant job.

3s love to everyone and happy new year!!!!!

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