Charities Round Up | Term 2

My final term as charities officer for UWLHC before I hand over the reins has been amazing! We started off the new calendar year by celebrating our Freshers at the annual Talent Show. Unfortunately, most teams forgot what ‘talent’ meant, while others (*cough the 4s cough my own team cough*) forgot to show up. However, some shining stars brought us Tik Tok dances, sexy singalongs, soapy shirtless wrestling, and our winners even provided us with a throwback to the highlight of mine and all our childhoods by performing Troy and Gabriella’s High School Musical duet. It was also an amazing night for charity along with our raffle and spontaneous auction of PC Nick’s signed hat, Vicky is a very lucky lady.

After all this excitement it was time for our hockey families to come together for the most important month of UWLHC charity! February was a highlight for all our families who got together and set themselves challenges to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Some chose to do a bake sale, others suffered through a 24-hour fast, one family painted our faces in preparation for shoeing the poly for the 30th year in a row, and one even put on a professional body combat class. Every member of UWLHC was able to get involved in some way, shape or form to help support the amazing work that our national charity does for teenagers on their cancer journeys.

Following our second, very successful, can drive for Coventry Cyrenians, our favourite Social Sec duo, Brockly, hosted our annual Charity Circle where we all came dressed in the red and blues of Teenage Cancer Trust. Although the circle was small our fundraising ability was not! Using the power of the internet (and booze) we were able to raise the funds to watch Eve skinny dip in the Maths pond (showcasing just how far she will go as our Charities Sec next year), dye my hair purple/red, pie our pres, discover the true lizard fight queen, and watch Phebz smash out a marathon in the gym! Oh, the things people do for the love of charity! Our amazing VP, Vicky, also absolutely smashed it when she hosted the UWHC Ball Raffle to raise money for Cyrenians and UWMHC’s charity Mind.

What a year it has been for UWLHC charity. It has been such a privilege to be able to use the charitable power of our club to make a real difference both in our local community and to individual’s lives. The club really knows no bounds and it has been so amazing to witness first-hand the generosity that everyone has, whether that be lending me their time behind the scenes, volunteering at events, pledging ridiculous challenges, or donating to our amazing causes. A huge, huge thank you from myself and all the people that you have helped this year xx


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