Charities Round Up | Term 3

Despite coronavirus, UWLHC has still been very active throughout lockdown!!

Unfortunately our plans to do the Draycote Water 10K were ruined by corona, but we had a wee rethink and decided to do our own 10K fundraiser at home instead! On May 10th, over 40 of us ran 10K from home for NHS Charities Together. We raised a HUGE £2756 total, all going towards NHS staff and volunteers caring for coronavirus patients around the UK! Massive shoutout to everyone that took part and donated!!

We kept up the running throughout June with the club taking part in Warwick Athletics’ Run for Black Lives Matter event. The aim was to run 1578km, (3km for every second George Floyd was suffocated by the police), and to raise money for BLM UK. With the help of multiple sports clubs, £1323 was raised and 2679km ran, completely smashing all targets and supporting an incredibly important cause!!

Throughout this term some of our members have been getting more creative in how they give support to charities. Ella (@bigyikesart) and Aisha (@aisharoukhamieh_art) have been flexing their art skills on us and have been taking charity commissions for their incredible paintings. Ella has raised over £850 for the NHS and Aisha has raised £100 so far for a range of charities supporting BLM, Palestine, Yemen and Syria!! Check out their instas and slide into their DMs if you fancy a painting for yourself :)

We as a club were honoured to be nominated yet again for the Charities and Fundraising Sports Award, having won it previously in 2019!! However, this time round we were unsuccessful, but big up Men’s Cricket for winning! We love you Cricket!

Super proud of everyone’s efforts this term and can’t wait for more charity shenanigans next year xx

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