2nd XI Term 1 Round Up 21/22

We started the season off with a strong fresher intake and I was initially panicking about having too many players in the 2s but things worked out and I am immensely proud of not only how well the fresh have settled in over the last 10 weeks but the decent amount of chat they have created too. Big shoutout to the 2nd years too who are actually attending uni, hockey and socials this year after last years’ questionable attempt (cheers covid). After 2 solid 4-0 and 5-1 loss to start of Saturday league, since term has properly started, we screwed our heads on, drank some purple, and have managed to secure 7 CONSECUTIVE WINS (yeh boi) with our first win being 9-0 putting us 3rd on the league table (1st have played 1 more game than us and 2nd have played 2)!!! That’s a pretty decent shift if you ask me. Unlike previous years I have had with the 2s, we are actually scoring goals, so let’s hope the 2s can win the golden stick once again!! As for term 2, despite having many double headers and meaner deadlines, the progress we have made as a team and the fact we are no longer a team of strangers since the start of term shows that we are ready to take on the top teams we lost to when we played them at the start of term.

As for BUCS…hahaha we are currently sitting comfortably at the bottom of the table, not really sure how to comment on this but we’re still having fun and celebrating each loss appropriately at circle each Wednesday. To be fair, we haven’t lost every BUCS game with a solid 1-1 draw vs Notts 5s who are top of the table… I’m not going to lie, I don’t really have any other words for BUCS lol, but the aim is to try and get a few more points on the table before the end of term 2.

All in all, it has been a great term for the 2s, we’re sitting comfortably in 3rd on Saturday league with a big shot at pushing up (I don’t really care about BUCS, I’d say we’re doing well enough in WWHL for it to matter….right?). There has been some really tough matches for the 2s this season and also some absolutely lovely hockey being played. I just want to make sure I thank the team for all their hard work this term, stepping up into different positions and general team spirit. As I have done for the past 4 years, I just LOVE the 2s xxx

Having just tested positive for covid, I’m also positive about an unreal term 2 lol xo

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