4th XI Term 1 Round Up 21/22

The 4s have made a great start to term 1 both socially and on pitch. After covid restrictions making last year difficult, the 4s have come back with a vengeance. We attracted the most freshers out of any team with a whopping 23 girls joining us this year, making a team of 40! We had some players wanting to casually return to hockey after playing at school, and some having never held a stick before but giving it a go and doing tremendously well.

This was our first year in a new league since they were re-structured, so we weren’t sure what kind of teams we would be facing in our Saturday matches. As a beginner team, we found ourselves up against some ladies who had played hockey for about 25 years! And some young girls who had played for as long as they can remember. But not to worry, the 4s are a confident (if not competent) bunch, and we turned up and had a lot of fun at each game. In terms of scores, we lost all but one game where our defence were on fire, and we drew 0-0! However, as a captain, I felt only pride at these scores ranging from 0-3 to 0-7 because the sheer improvement of every single player was incredible and a huge credit to the work these girls put in at training and on pitch. In each game there were some fantastic skills shown by players who had only been playing for a matter of weeks or months. Keita and Alice have dominated WOTM this term and rightly so, they have both been extremely dedicated players and are highly valued members of the team. Shout out to Bronte and Annabel who were also voted WOTM and got to take home our coveted mascot Squidward. The 4s were also very involved in the CMD charity dance competition, with the 2 choreographers being Alice and Emily who are both 4s members, and Anna, Liv and Hannah Tickle all participating. They put on a show to make Pitbull and the 4s proud. We also took up 3 tables at Christmas dinner and made up a large number of people at Tour in Bristol.

In terms of socials the 4s (aka the social team) did not disappoint. We began with a rather disastrous team social where we attempted to attend the inflatable fun day on campus but got washed out by torrential rain but ended up having a lovely coffee and chat instead. To honour girls night in we didn’t go to pop but instead went for a meal out with 20 of us! We also had a team curry night… food does seem to be a recurring theme. 4s attendance at circle and pop has been magical, dominating the corner nearest the bar- when the 4s chant is sung many drunken heads pop up to down our pints.

Well done to everyone so far and thank you for a wonderful term, here’s to 2022 and term 2 being even bigger and better!

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